That's wonderful. Let me know if you need any questions answered. 

Incidentally I am currently working on revamping some issues in the partition design and perhaps you might want to work with me on it.  For example I am defining a Cursor to replace NamingEnumeration and will be using some of the new ServerEntry interfaces Emmanuel has been working on.


On Jan 9, 2008 11:00 AM, Kiran Ayyagari <> wrote:
Emmanuel Lecharny wrote:
> Hi !
> This is the very beginning of 2008, and we are all working hard to get a
> 2.0 out in the next few months. At this point, we think it's a good
> timing to get some feedback from you, users and developpers ! Here is a
> short list of question you may answer, but this is very up to you. We
> don't need names ( "I'm working for company XYZ" ), this is just
> informational.
> *Keep in mind that those informations will appear on the
> Apache ML and many other, so if you think that any confidential piece of
> it should not be disclose, then don't answer !*
> 1) What are you using ADS for ? Is it in production, used to do some
> tests during developpement, or simply as a toy ?
> 2) What are the Pros and Cons you clearly see ?
> 3) What would be the major features or improvement you are expecting to
> see in the near future ?
> 4) Are you a commercial entity, an non-for profit organization, an
> Apache project, a student or an individual just interested in the techno
> ? (no name needed)
Am an individual, working as a programmer. Would like to contribute to
ADS and currently looking at implementing the in-memory backend storage
- At present
digging through the code.
> 5) Any other opinion or feedback you would like to share with us ?
> Thank you all for helping us being more aware !

- Kiran Ayyagari