I guess this is due to clients that do not unbind or stay connected for a long time?   You using persistent search anywhere?

In either case I would look into the LDAP protocol provider code.  You could hack the code so that a sweeper checks MINA sessions every now and closes them if they have been idle for some time: there is a MINA Session idleTime() or something like that to look up the idle time of a session which represents the amount of time passed since data was transmitted or received between the client and the server. 


On Jan 5, 2008 1:27 PM, Mark Swanson <mark@scheduleworld.com> wrote:

I'm starting to worry about performance problems and memory issues
related to large numbers of open socket connections to ApacheDS.
Is there something that can be done now (1.0) to close inactive sockets
after a period of time?
Or, perhaps just LRU close sockets?

If not, what place in the code would you recommend I look? Maybe this is
completely encapsulated in mina?