On Jan 3, 2008 4:56 PM, Felix Knecht <felixk@apache.org> wrote:
If this are the new 'eclipse starters':
Zip them to zip or tar.gz and deploy them into the local-repo like above
using -Dpackaging=[zip¦tar.gz]. So they can be downloaded as artifact
and be unpacked be a dependency goal.

No, these are not the new 'eclipse starters'. I have been able to put the new 'eclipse starters' in the local repo using the "mvn deploy:deploy-file" command.

These 3 folders are new eclipse dependencies needed by the new 'eclipse starters'. They are platform specific and there's one for linux, one Mac OS X and one for Windows.
Strangely in the orginal eclipse distribution, they are not packaged as jar or zip files but as folders.
Maybe I shoud zip them (like the new 'eclipse starters') and use the "mvn deploy:deploy-file" command.