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Subject Re: [Feedback needed] ADS pros and cons ?
Date Wed, 09 Jan 2008 13:57:15 GMT


We embed ADS in JBoss along with our commercial middleware product.
Our products are live in many large businesses throughout the UK and
We use DS to support Single Sign On to our browser based applications.
We use DS to manage a variety of information relating to message exchange
between 'trading partners'.
We install our products (inc. ADS) on IBM iSeries (OS400), IBM pSeries
(AIX), Solaris, HP-UX, Linux and Windows Server platforms.


- It's java and can be embedded in JBoss.
- The License allows redistribution within our product.
- It has a reliable LDAP interface so our none java product can also
maintain content.

- Changes between revisions are so significant it makes it difficult to
upgrade current installations.
    - Persistent storage became incompatible between revisions causing
support/upgrade problems.
- Possible corruption of persistent storage when JVM is killed.
- Switching JDK versions between ADS 1.0 and 1.5 made upgrade of many
systems impossible (E.g. Upgrading JDK requires a new operating system
version on some IBM platforms).
- Bug fixes/patches are mainly applied to current trunk only which forces
us to take the latest version (or SNAPSHOT!) to get defects resolved - the
alternative being to maintain a branch of the source in-house which is
something we always try to avoid for obvious reasons.
- Significant interface changes between revisions has led to regular rework
of our service container (our JBoss SAR implementation)


** I'd prefer no new features combined with a long period of stability and
maintenance **

However, my top two improvements would be:

- Solid, proven, replication implementation (mitosis?)
- Alternative persistence providers ( J2EE data source or JPA Provider ? )


We are a commercial entity


ADS is very good and I like and respect the guys who work so hard to
deliver it.


- ADS would benefit greatly from a sustained period of consolidation and
stability - no new JDKs, no more changes to public interfaces, no massive
refactoring exercises.
- Fixes to ADS should be routinely applied to the stable release as well as
the trunk.
- I'm convinced that a well maintained, well document, long lived, stable
release is the only way ADS will gain widespread commercial implementation.

- SimonT

07 January 2008 16:01
To: Apache Directory Developers List <>,
From: Emmanuel Lecharny <>
Subject: [Feedback needed] ADS pros and cons  ?

Hi !

This is the very beginning of 2008, and we are all working hard to get a
2.0 out in the next few months. At this point, we think it's a good
timing to get some feedback from you, users and developpers ! Here is a
short list of question you may answer, but this is very up to you. We
don't need names ( "I'm working for company XYZ" ), this is just

*Keep in mind that those informations will appear on the
Apache ML and many other, so if you think that any confidential piece of
it should not be disclose, then don't answer !*

1) What are you using ADS for ? Is it in production, used to do some
tests during developpement, or simply as a toy ?

2) What are the Pros and Cons you clearly see ?

3) What would be the major features or improvement you are expecting to
see in the near future ?

4) Are you a commercial entity, an non-for profit organization, an
Apache project, a student or an individual just interested in the techno
? (no name needed)

5) Any other opinion or feedback you would like to share with us ?

Thank you all for helping us being more aware !

cordialement, regards,
Emmanuel L├ęcharny

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