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From Martin Alderson <>
Subject Re: ADS 1.5.2 - log4j ERRORs when first starting replicas
Date Thu, 31 Jan 2008 22:17:09 GMT
Hi Simon,

> When using mitosis replication for ADS there is a period of time
> during start-up when one replica cannot connect to another - because
> separate machines rarely start at the same rate.
> During this time, ClientConnectionManager logs ERRORs as MINA gets
> 'Connection refused' socket errors.
> I'd like to propose that the replication service only logs WARN
> messages for this condition.

Absolutely.  I have also been thinking about making these errors only
report when either the error changes or the replica comes back up (i.e.
when the replica's connection state changes) rather than at every
connection attempt.

I feel like this should be implemented in a generic manner so anything
that logs messages could do the same thing - i.e. only show the message
when it differs from the last shown.

Does anyone know if such a scheme already exists or have any other
comments on this?


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