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From Emmanuel Lecharny <>
Subject Re: [Feedback needed] ADS pros and cons ?
Date Wed, 23 Jan 2008 20:27:54 GMT
Thanks Steve !

Hammond, Steve wrote:
> 1) What are you using ADS for?
> We are planning a production release in May with ADS included.  We have created our own
partition class using JDBC to connect to our existing database of users and H.350 device data.
 We need to add proxying of Active Directory user data (translated to "REAL" LDAP) that will
be pulled in and mated to our H.350 device data and pushed back to the client as one cohesive
unit.  From today's mail stream, we may look into PENROSE to accomplish this.
That's pretty impressive ! Just one warning about Penrose : It's GPL, 
unless you buy the commercial lincense, so you won't be able to embed it 
into a product (that's the beauty of ASF compared to GPL : no restriction !)
> 2. What are the Pros and Cons you clearly see ?
> Pro:  It is in Java, OpenSource, we can embed it in JBOSS, it was pretty easily extensible
to add the JDBC partitions we needed.
> Cons: Configuration, moving from 1.0 to 1.5 during development was difficult, even going
from 1.5 to 1.5.1 was a large hoop to jump thru.
Yeah, true, but 1.5 is considered as a 'unstable' version (means, some 
elements can change) . We will provide a migration toolkit for 2.0 (to 
switch from 1.0 to 2.0).
>   We have had a learning ramp with Maven since our stuff is all done with Ant.
:) I hope you jumped to Maven 2.0 directly !
> I am afraid to move to 2.0, but soon I will grab the trunk or the big bang (still gotta
figure that one out) and start builds and tests.
Don't be afraid ! You will have a lot of time to switch, as we don't 
expect to deliver a 2.0 GA in 2 weeks. There will be some RC before.

I won't tell you either to use the bigbang nor the trunk, except if you 
want to do some testing, as it's a moving target. As you may have 
noticed, we are planning some huge refactoring in the core server, 
including the backend API.
> 3) What would be the major features or improvement you are expecting to
> see in the near future ?
> I am counting on StartTLS and Distributed authentication.  We also need NTLM SSO abilities,
but I don't see that in the roadmap for ADS. 
Not yet, but we will define a 3.0 roadmap as soon as we will be done for 
>  I just found out today about the Kerberos server built in to ADS, so I need to check
that one out too.
Yes, and it works, but we have a real lack of documentation on this 
part. A lot of modifications have been done too, and we still have a lot 
to do.
> 5) Any other opinion or feedback you would like to share with us ?
> AD Studio has been invaluable for getting as far as we have, since I knew nothing about
LDAP a year ago.  
I'm sure that the studio team will appreciate ! They are talented, and 
hard workers too.

Thanks for this feedback. It's interesting to know that ADS will be used 
on production systems ! It's also a little bit stressfull ... I wish we 
have tested the server enough for you needs :)

cordialement, regards,
Emmanuel L├ęcharny

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