On Dec 31, 2007 11:21 AM, Emmanuel Lecharny <elecharny@gmail.com> wrote:
Hi Ladies and Gentlemen,

It's cool to be able to say Ladies in the greeting.  Not many projects can say that.

I wish you an Happy New Year ! I hope that 2008 will be way better than
2007, with less wars, less bugs and less cholesterol :)


I also wish that we will get new versions to the public, new features,
and get more and more (happy) users, some more committers, and also some
more documentation ;)


2007 was pretty good from the projects' perspective, with seven new
committers :
 - Martin Alderson (ADS)
 - Martin Bosteels (MINA)
 - Chris Custine (ADS)
 - Jeff Genender (MINA),
 - Niklas Gustavsson (MINA)
 - Mike Heath (MINA)
 - Felix Knecht (ADS)
 - Mark Webb (MINA)

Indeed this was most excellent.
Alex Karasulu was also crazy enough to let me become the ADS project
Chairman, I wish I did not do too bad ...

I did not "let" you do anything.  I resigned since it is best for the project and the PMC chose you :).  Projects should cycle the chair position regularly. 

You're doing a much better job and I personally am very thankful for it. 

Last, not least, we have seen some of our projects' committers being
accepted as Apache members :
 - Alan Cabrera
 - Jeff Genender
 - David Jencks
 - Trustin Lee
 - and myself

All of you are great people that make the foundation much better. 

So this is it ! We are done with Year-2.0.0-7, get ready for
Year-2.0.0-8-RC1 !

Yeah!!! On a side note I'd like to kick off a project specific thread without cross posting to see what peoples expectations and resolutions are for these projects for 08.

Happy New Year,