On Dec 21, 2007 9:23 AM, Jörg Henne <j.henne@levigo.de> wrote:


> Ahh I see.  Hey help grow the community and bring these folks here.
> We have a low barrier of entry as you noticed.  They're welcome to
> work on the DHCP code and augment it's community.  If they can submit
> one or two patches and engage the community then karma can be granted
> quickly.  For us karma is not a badge of honor but rather just a
> security mechanism for protection.  It takes little to demonstrate
> that someone is sane and competent :).
I'll talk to them and introduce them to the list. But we probably won't
make it this year, though :-)

Heh np :). 

>     - A conflict of interests: wearing the openthinclient.org
>     <http://openthinclient.org > cap I am
>     interested in a stable version, so it makes sense to work with one
>     as a
>     starting point. With the Apache DS it is obvious that the trunk is the
>     way to go. Keeping both points of view balanced isn't that easy.
> I understand better now.  If there is anything we can do to make it
> easier for you guys to get going here let us know.  I'd like to help
> make sure these complications go away for you and others from
> openthinclient.org <http://openthinclient.org>.
Thanks, sounds great! There are so many areas in which we can cooperate
(in addition to the ones we already discussed, the SAR and OSGi
packaging come to mind), it would be a waste if we didn't.

Indeed! Looking forward to working with you guys. 

Happy Holidays,