Why don't you guys just revive the old sar module?  I think Emmanuel moved it over to the sandbox after a vote since no one was using or maintaining it.

We need to learn how to work better together instead of going away for a while and then coming back with stuff to contribute in bulk.  We dropped the bar and made several people committers just to facilitate this.  It's much easier to just keep committing here on relevant pieces with a slow trickle and using that then having things progress so much it requires significant time to review and incorporate.


On Dec 20, 2007 11:34 AM, Jörg Henne <j.henne@levigo.de> wrote:
Simon.Temple@saaconsultants.com schrieb:
I have code that supports an embedded DS in JBoss.  The following imports that were valid in 1.5.1 no longer appear to be valid in 1.5.2.
some time ago I brought the server-sar to make it compatible with the latest 1.5 series builds. I did this by abandoning the approach of configuring everything from MBean attributes and using a configuration loaded from a standard server.xml instead. Let me know if you are interested in this code.

Joerg Henne