We need to evaluate the size of the contribution.  Jorg can you point us over to the code repository for it? 

On Dec 19, 2007 8:04 AM, Jörg Henne < j.henne@levigo.de> wrote:
Hi all,

donating the openthinclient.org LDAP mapping component to the Apache DS
project raises the question of how other members of the
openthinclient.org team work on the source code. There are currently two
colleagues of mine working on the code. I see the following solutions:

- We maintain two completely separate code bases. That doesn't sound
desirable, since they will diverge quickly.
- We maintain the code in the Apache svn. This would require commit
access for the code tree of the mapping component.

We can easily accommodate this at some point considering the different mechanisms available for bringing in new subprojects.  The Directory PMC has to evaluate how to process this: i.e. does this need incubation or is it small enough to constitute a simple contribution.

Oh, and by the way: does anyone can think of a catchy name for this
thing? It doesn't have to be creative or clever but only a tad bit less
boring than Object Directory Mapper (ODM?). Currently it doesn't have a
name at all :-)

ODM sounds good.  I suck at names but I'll let it sit in my head to see if any ideas come to mind.