On Dec 12, 2007 4:23 PM, Stefan Zoerner <szoerner@apache.org> wrote:
How about starting a new space for 2.0, which will not be published to
static pages at first?

Rationale: I do not want to modify/overwrite the 1.5 documentation,
because there are users out there, who need it. But I would like to
start the documentation for the simplified configuration style which
comes with 2.0. If we have a separate space, we could start with that
task, and make the content available on directory.apache.org if needed.


Oh yes that's a good idea!  I would just go ahead and request the space creation from infra.  If someone objects we can always remove it but I doubt anyone would.  Once 2.0 is out and the documentation is complete we can just delete this 1.5 (labeled 1.1) space.