I must have recently introduced this.  I'll give a shot at fixing it without spending too much time.  If I cannot fix it then yeah you're write we can just @Ignore the test.


On Dec 8, 2007 7:41 AM, Emmanuel Lecharny <elecharny@gmail.com> wrote:
Hi Alex,

I have spent some time invastigating the failing test in server-unit. I
havz to run, so I pass the ball back to you now. Here is what I have
found : the 'cn' Attribute is stored using the normalized value in the
backend, for some strange reason. This is why the test fails, as there
is a assetEquals( "Tori Amos", "tori amos" ) in the test.

The getAttributes( "cn" ) returns "tori amos" instead of "Tori Amos",
because the serialization stores the wrong value. This is bad, and will
be fixed definitively as soon as we switch to the ServerEntry thing, and
as soon as we store both values ( UP and normalized values) in the backend.

At the end, it's not a serious issue. I would consider simply to modify
the test for the moment, replacing the comparison to a case insensitive
one. The best would be to reactivate the test when we will be done with
the switch ...

wdyt ?

cordialement, regards,
Emmanuel Lécharny