I really feel for Neil on this.  It must be painful. I cannot imagine having some company tell me to go away from Apache.  It would be crushing.

It's really a shame to see him attacked for trying to keep this community together and alive.

The bad thing with sponsored open source is that Neil can't just quit SUN and keep working on OpenDS in the same capacity.  He's got to do what SUN says because they control all the strings: both economic and legal (CDDL). What if Neil goes to work for IBM's Directory team and they make him sign away things too and so now he has both SUN and IBM against his working on OpenDS. 

This situation though shows the greatest flaw of sponsored communities verses organic communities.  It may take organic communities time to grow and develop because of a lack of resources however we will never be threatened by this dynamic.  The same is the case for OpenLDAP which is based on the BSD license like us and is a true organic community: they're the real deal.

This is "real" Open Source to me.  It's either organic or it's synthetic.  Synthesized Open Source is contrived, artificial, and fake Open Source! 

synthesized ~= artificial ~= fake ~= incincere ~= SUN

It's a facade for companies to use to leverage their products and jump on the band wagon for marketing and sales purposes.  They're cheap con artists and exploiters of Open Source.

SUN has become a rather nasty exploiter.  Look at what they do it with Java and other products.  Yeah it's open source but not a real community.  And there are restrictions. Funny how Google's Android just bitch smacked SUN.  Looks like Open Source but it sure don't not smell like it.  I can tell you what it smells like but we're on a PG forum here. 

Furthermore if SUN is not all about facades and exploitation why then do they stamp the Java brand on everything they try to sell even if it does not have a lick of Java in it.  Like SUN DS for example.  It's written in C and is the justification for why they're writing OpenDS.  It's all about marketing and sales.  This is why the SUN I respected and loved died for me.  I think it died for me (as a technology company and became a marketing organization) when Bill Joy left SUN. I think it's clear why he left.

Anyway that's my rant for the week.  There's more on this topic at my blog if anyone is interested:



On Nov 30, 2007 6:14 AM, Emmanuel Lecharny <elecharny@gmail.com> wrote:
Some more :


What is interesting is the OpenDS mailing list, where Ludovic Poitou
explained that the reason for all this is that the governance has been
changed without Sun approval.

Back one year, when we met OpenDS peeps at Austin during the US Apache
Conference, we pointed out that Open DS governance was not really good
(ie, as the project leader _must_ be a Sun employee, that means it's not
an OSS, but a OSS managed by Sun). The modification changed this point
to something more open :

It has been reverted last week :

Sun will have some hard time to stop the flurry of comment about what
happened... Not especially a confortable position for them, nor for Neil
and the Austin ex-team ...

cordialement, regards,
Emmanuel Lécharny