Hi folks,

I had just finished making this new snapshot feature work enough to just revert changes made in tests to avoid these long integration tests when I stumbled on a few ideas.  Incidentally this stuff is really cool.  I know we're not totally where we want to be on it and still need to look into Howard's draft but it works like a champion for now at reverting state for testing.  I just saw it turn a test that takes 35 seconds to run happen in under 5 seconds. So the theory holds and this work was not in vain.

Moving on though I found my self getting well acquainted with JUnit 4.4.  I really like it a lot.  It's got some room for improvement but where it falls short it can be extended.  And annotations with testing is a sweet combination.

So I got to thinking about a new framework that extends JUnit 4.4 with a custom runner and some custom annotations to make testing a breeze, easy to document and it's components reusable.  I implemented a good chunk of a prototype and started converting some integration tests to use this new framework.  Before I continue I'd like some feedback since this will impact all of us.  I wrote up the idea over here.