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From "Pierre-Arnaud Marcelot">
Subject Re: [Studio] Eclipse 3.3.1 dependencies + "Mavenization" of the trunk
Date Fri, 28 Dec 2007 15:32:32 GMT
Hi Felix,

Building .classpath and Manifest file seems to work with 3.3 dependencies
> and I can start the plugins from within
> eclipse without any error messages.

I just tested them and they work fine. Except the name of the projects
(which are very long now), everything is really great and works very very
well within Eclipse. Thanks a lot for that. :)

I had a look at the different pom.xml files and they are pretty long now,
and there seem to be some duplicate build instructions.
I'm wondering if we should not try to create differents parents pom files, 1
for each type of project we have.

I can see 4 different types of projects that requires 4 different builds:
- Classic java project (e.g. 'studio-dsml-parser')
- Eclipse plugin project (e.g. 'studio-ldapbrowser-core' or
- Feature project (e.g. 'studio-schemaeditor-feature')
- Help plugin project (e.g. 'studio-ldapbrowser-help')


Distribution build needs still some work.

I can help with that. :)
I tested the distribution build on Linux and it works great. It fails on Mac
OS X and Windows but it's easy to fix.
The key is to use our specific application launchers (the ones located in
the /dependencies/eclipse/3.3.1/macosx, /dependencies/eclipse/3.3.1/linux,
/dependencies/eclipse/3.3.1/win32 folders) instead of re-using the ones from
the eclipse distribution (e.g. eclipse-RCP-macosx-carbon- They all
work great and include the correct branding (with the correct icons for
So I think we have to tar gzip these launchers, install them in our
local-repository and use them when building the application instead of the
ones we use at the moment.


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