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From "Marc Boorshtein" <>
Subject Re: Synchronizing with Active directory on windows 2003 machine
Date Fri, 21 Dec 2007 23:35:03 GMT
> > I was wondering if there is a method to synchronize the the existing Active
> > directory of our company on windows 2003 server to Apache Directory ? .
> >
> You can write a script which export data from AD and import them to ADS
> automatically. Or use a Virtual Directory to do the job.
> > If there is then can any one help me determine how is it possible.
> >
> Somebody else ? I have no easy clue here ...

Why are you trying to sync AD 2003 into ApacheDS (or any directory for
that matter)?  AD can be accessed via LDAP just like ApacheDS (though
AD has its own, peculiarities).  If you need to integrate an
application with AD but need to map attributes, transform data... then
there is either MyVirtualDirectory or Penrose.  If you really want to
synchronize the two you could use Penrose's sync engine or the free
version of Sun's Identity Manager.  The main issue you will see with
syncing is you can't easily sync passwords from AD.


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