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From Emmanuel Lecharny <>
Subject Re: [Studio] Eclipse 3.3.1 dependencies + "Mavenization" of the trunk
Date Thu, 27 Dec 2007 17:59:49 GMT
Pierre-Arnaud Marcelot wrote:
> Hi all,
> I'm happy to tell you that I have successfully generated new launchers 
> (for each platform we support - Mac OS X, Linux and Windows) using 
> Eclipse 3.3.1 dependencies (the latest <> to be 
> precise).
Just great !!!
> They can be tested on this branch : 
> <>
> I think that moving from the old 3.2 to the latest 
> <> Eclipse dependencies could be another great feature 
> for Apache Directory Studio 1.1.0. This update has fixed bugs in the 
> core of Eclipse (and has significantly improved the way widgets are 
> drawn on Mac OS X - at last...).
> I was wondering if everybody was OK with releasing Studio 1.1.0 with 
> Eclipse 3.3 dependencies. WDYT ?
+1 for me.
> I also had a talk with Emmanuel about the "mavenization" of the trunk 
> before releasing Studio 1.1.0.
> Stefan Seelmann and I were more thinking of switching from Ant+Ivy to 
> Maven after the release, but it could also be interesting to delay a 
> little bit the release and use this time to switch our build system. 
> This would help us a lot for future releases, especially if we need to 
> release a 1.1.1 soon after 1.1.0.
> Do you think we should "Mavenize" the build before releasing Studio 
> 1.1.0 ?
We are not in a hurry, I think. We can wait a bit to get maven in the 
loop : otherwise, we will have to wait a long time before having maven 
for studio. And also, I think that we need to leverage Felix work, 
because it's ok to work in a sandbox, but at some point, going for real 
is much better :)
> Thanks in advance for your wise answers,
> Pierre-Arnaud Marcelot

Thanks for your great work !

cordialement, regards,
Emmanuel L├ęcharny

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