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From Emmanuel Lecharny <>
Subject Re: First version of the LDAP mapper committed
Date Sat, 22 Dec 2007 12:13:49 GMT

I just posted my mail with all what you have written in mind, but I 
didn't had time to write it :)

Jörg, Alex is perfectly right about the IP thing and the process. As you 
are not the only one who wrote this code, we will have to insure that 
each of the person who worked on it to send a cLA, I guess. Alex is 
pretty much more up to date with the process than I'm, so I think we 
will have to follow his instruction ( and I will learn from him at this 
point :)

Don't be disapointed, it's the way the ASF works, and it's a protection 
measure, nothing more. We have the very same thing to do with some other 
piece of code we want to inject into the ASF (ASN.1 code), and it takes 
time. The good point is that you are already a committer, so we trust you.

We will do our best to clean the place in the next days, and then we ill 
be able to promote this project to a sub-project, I'm sure of that !

Anyways, it's always the same story : small prints ...


Alex Karasulu wrote:
> Hey guys,
> I don't mean to be a party pooper especially after asking jorg to
> commit work in the sandbox but this was meant more so for future work.
>  Right now we may be in a little bit of a bind.  I was trying to
> review the code in the remote repo but did not find the time.  The
> review was not so much technical but an attempt to understand whether
> or not we need to incubate this project from a legal standpoint.
> Right now our first impediment is the licencing.  I really would love
> to fast track this with a direct import but because it is lgpl we
> cannot do that especially without a software grant which includes all
> the authors.  The grant will allow us to transfer the license to the
> ASF as ASL licensed code. Unforuntately this is part of the IP vetting
> process.
> I apologize for seeming to advise a direct commit but again I
> genuinely referred to all future work which would have helped us avoid
> this pain staking process.  If you and the other authors of this
> beautiful code did the work here as project committers then there
> would be no serious inspection process.  For example we now have to
> review dependencies and request CLAs from all authors.
> I am sorry for missleading you about any of this.  One of my reasons
> for making my recommendation to work with us and in a sandbox in the
> future was because I was worried about the PITA this review and
> handling of the process was going to be.
> My apologies,
> Alex
> On 12/21/07, Emmanuel Lecharny <> wrote:
>> Hi Jörg,
>> thanks for the commit !
>> I was pretty busy those last two days, but as I saw that Alex was
>> "watching', I think everything is perfectly ok ! We will find a place
>> for the code, maybe as a sub-project, with a wiki place for that. Just
>> give the team a little while to cope with it, as we are more or less all
>> having some well deserved hollidays :)
>> Thanks and happy Xmas !
>> Jörg Henne wrote:
>>> Hi all,
>>> to make good on my promise - and this even before Christmas - I
>>> committed the first version of the LDAP mapper to my Apache DS
>>> sandbox. This version should be reasonably stable so that maintaining
>>> two separate copies of it should not prove to be too painful while we
>>> still need it.
>>> If you want to play around with it, you'll have to do without a whole
>>> lot of documentation for now. My message titled "
>>> Contributions for LDAP mapping and DHCP services" on this list
>>> provides some quick overview. Additionally, there is quite some
>>> example code in the test cases.
>>> Have fun at
>>> Ok, so what's next?
>>> - We need a way to track issues for this.
>>> - We need some place to start documenting the component. Should this
>>> be a separate point below "Documentation" on the main wiki page or
>>> rather reside somewhere below "ApacheDS 1.x"? I'd vode for the former.
>>> - Decide whether/when this module will get a place below
>>> - Find someone to implement the missing transaction handling :-)
>>> I'll be away now. Tonight we have our in-office Christmas party and
>>> there are already an estimated number of 1000 kids zipping back and
>>> forth outside my office door.
>>> In case I won't find time to stop by before the holidays: I'll be away
>>> till January 3rd.
>>> Happy holidays everybody!
>>> Joerg Henne
>> --
>> --
>> cordialement, regards,
>> Emmanuel Lécharny

cordialement, regards,
Emmanuel Lécharny

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