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From Jörg Henne <>
Subject Technicalities of migration of LDAP mapping component to Apache DS project
Date Wed, 19 Dec 2007 13:04:12 GMT
Hi all,

donating the LDAP mapping component to the Apache DS 
project raises the question of how other members of the team work on the source code. There are currently two 
colleagues of mine working on the code. I see the following solutions:

- We maintain two completely separate code bases. That doesn't sound 
desirable, since they will diverge quickly.
- We maintain the code in the Apache svn. This would require commit 
access for the code tree of the mapping component.
- We maintain the code in the svn under a tree 
separate from our main code base. We can easily add other committers 
there, but I don't know whether this is ok with you.


Oh, and by the way: does anyone can think of a catchy name for this 
thing? It doesn't have to be creative or clever but only a tad bit less 
boring than Object Directory Mapper (ODM?). Currently it doesn't have a 
name at all :-)

Joerg Henne

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