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From Ole Ersoy <>
Subject Re: Object LDAP mapping
Date Mon, 17 Dec 2007 18:53:55 GMT
Hi Graham,

The LDAP DAS is sitting in Tuscany.  It would need an EMF based model though, as it is designed
to work with the EMF API / EMF SDO API.  The longer term plan is to have it work with the
Tuscany SDO API as well + support Transactions, etc.  Also note that the persistance to ADS
is done by convention and the model's XML Schema Namespace is used to create the root DN within

In general the way it works is you would generate an EMF model (Basically model Pojo's ehanced
by the EMF API, similar to what modello does for maven) from an source such as XML Schema,
Annotated Java Interfaces, or XMI and then use the DAS to store the model instance in ADS.
 When doing CRUD stuff, the DAS loads a model from ADS and then uses SDO's change summary
capability to handle updates.

I still need to do the Developer Use Case documentation (Or the How To), but the tests are
pretty thorough so giving it a go should be easy.  If you need Object to DN mapping though
that's not by convention (XML Namespace) I think some of the other tools mentioned would suit
you better.  It's pretty easy to implement mapping with the SDO / EMF API using annotations,
but I need more days :-).

- Ole

Emmanuel Lecharny wrote:
> Hi Graham,
> Ole Ersoy has worked on such a piece of code a while back. I think it 
> has matured in the Tuscany project.
> Otherwise, you have to know that there is a Java schema containing all 
> the Objectclasses you need to describe a Java class, and to store a 
> serialized object. Not sure that it will fit your need.
> In any case, as we are redesigning the JNDI API to be closer to what we 
> need, it will be a pleasure to include a Java<->Ldap OL-Mapping tool in 
> ADS project (OL = ObjectLdap, with Object-Relational-mapping in mind :)
> Graham Leggett wrote:
>> Hi all,
>> Although not directly related to the directory server itself, I thought I
>> would ask here as the concentration of LDAP experts is high :)
>> Has anybody heard of a Java package that does object to LDAP mapping,
>> along the lines of Hibernate or Torque in the land of SQL?
>> In other words, I would like a Java class hierarchy of objects
>> representing LDAP objectlasses and LDAP objects.
>> If such a thing doesn't exist, would the directory project be keen to
>> adopt such a new piece of code as its home, if it were to be written?
>> Regards,
>> Graham
>> -- 

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