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From Emmanuel Lecharny <>
Subject Re: Object LDAP mapping
Date Mon, 17 Dec 2007 17:39:08 GMT
Hi Jörg !

long time, no see :) At least, you are still prresent on the Directory 
page :

> I have toyed with the idea of donating this component to the Apache 
> Directory Project, but have so far kept quiet, since the level of 
> maturity wasn't where I would have deemed it fit for general 
> consumption. This however, has changed in the last few weeks. So, if 
> you consider rolling your own mapping solution, I think you would be a 
> lot better off with the component. The component 
> currently lives at 

> in the org.openthinclient.ldap package. Also contained are some 
> test-cases illustrating basic usage. The GENERIC_RFC.xml mapping file 
> could serve you as a rough guide to mapping your own objects.
> Just as a quick note to the broader Apache DS community:
> For the lack of a proper writeup of what I/we've been up to I'll give 
> you a quick update. A few years ago, levigo developed a Linux based 
> thin client management solution which has been deployed at quite a few 
> customers, driving some thousands of thin client systems. Through the 
> years it has always been a solution catering more to specialized 
> cases, than to a real mass-market.
> About two years ago we started to replace the existing solution with a 
> complete overhaul. This new solution was based on the idea of serving 
> everything thin clients need from a single server with a simple 
> deployment, to replace the old one requiring separate native TFTP, 
> NFS, and DHCP servers. Second system syndrome along with limited 
> resources has dragged out development of this system much longer than 
> we anticipated, but in the past months the system reached a state 
> where we can successfully pilot it in various settings.
> Since levigo's business model with respect to thin clients does not 
> hinge on the sale of licenses, we open-sourced this solution in 
> September. The project pulls together several technologies in order to 
> achieve the goal of a single-server thin client solution: Java-based 
> servers for NFS, TFTP, and PXE (a DHCP derivate for network boot 
> applications) as well as Apache DS for the storage of all 
> configuration information. At least two components of the system might 
> be of interest for integration into Apache DS:
> - the PXE proxy has a lot of code which could be forged into a full 
> DHCP server - I've always wanted to do this, but haven't found enough 
> time yet.
> - the LDAP mapping mentioned above.
That would be great. There is only one little problem I can oversee : 
the actual project is released under GPL V2 license, which is not 
compatible with ASL 2.0. But I'm sure we can work this around.

It would be a pleasure to discuss more in detail about such a 
contribution. I suggest we can start a new thread about it.

Thanks a lot !

cordialement, regards,
Emmanuel Lécharny

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