On 11/5/07, Felix Knecht <felix@otego.com> wrote:
For the maven build of the Studio I also created some functionality in a maven plugin.

So we do have now within 3 subprojects of Apache Directory maven plugin functionality:

- apacheds-bootstrap-plugin
- apacheds-core-plugin

- daemon-plugin

- maven-studio-plugin (or whatever it'll be named)

I just wonder if it would make sense to centralize the maven plugin functionality for the Apache Directory project in a
new subproject e.g. directory-maven-plugin containing all maven plugin related functionality?

The idea did occur to me a couple times.  Sometimes I was just about to do that when it
just seemed to fan out dependencies across subprojects.  Meaning right now we have a
good breakdown where shared is independent.  apacheds depends on shared and studio
depends on shared.  This new subprject would then have dependencies all over.  May not
be a bad thing if it gives us other benefits.

In terms of benefits it may allow us to release the plugins independently but because the
plugins depend on other projects this may be a false benefit in reality.

Just curious, what benefits do you foresee in doing this?