On 11/5/07, Pierre-Arnaud Marcelot <pa@marcelot.net> wrote:
Hi Felix and everyone,

I can't wait to test this new Maven build... :)

As Stefan said, we have a continuous integration build system running on Chris Custine's server. The address is : http://builds.organicelement.com , but it seems to be down today...

We are in the process of moving the build server over to a more powerful platform and I have been delayed because of the new job.  I think we have all of the hardware in order now so maybe this weekend...


As far as I remember the server is running TeamCity and uses the 'release' ant task from Studio's build system to generate archives (.zip and .tar.gz files) for each OS/Platform.

Pierre-Arnaud (aka PAM...)

On Nov 5, 2007 11:57 AM, Felix Knecht < felixk@apache.org> wrote:
> There is no current list of used svn:keywords...
>> If no rule exists yet I'd like to suggest the following:
>> svn:keyword Id
>> /**
>>  * Foo bar
>>  *
>>  * @author <a href="mailto:dev@directory.apache.org ">Apache Directory
>> Project</a>
>>  * @version $Id: AbstractStudioMojo.java 350 2007-10-28 12:01:17Z felix $
>>  */
> We are not using names into header. Here are our coding standards :
> http://cwiki.apache.org/DIRxDEV/coding-standards.html

It's not a fix name, but just the name of the committer who did the latest commit:


In most java classes I can find the svn:keywords [date and/or revision] already now. But they are not used consequently
the same way and also not always set as svn:keywords to the file when used within the file.

>> b) I haven't found any documentation about project/modules/code which
>> is done automatically (e.g. maven reports, maven
>> site, JavaDocs, ...).
>> Is this all done either in the cwiki or packaged into a
>> downloadable/buildable distribution?
> We don't anymore generate the site from code, we use confluence for that.
> We should generate Javadocs though, but I'm not a maven guru enough to
> guarantee that the current maven configuration allows that. And I would
> add that I would be very pleased if you can tell me ;)
> Generating maven reports would be a very valuable addition, too !

I'll try to add this to the maven studio build.

>> c) Do any ideas about automated continuous integration exists, e.g.
>> continuum?
> We tried continuum once upon a time, we also tried bamboo, and we
> currently have some another continuous integration server running, but
> we would like to speed up the tests a lot before fully activating the
> continuous build again. FYI, building the server 'cost' 20 minutes on my
> laptop, and around 10 minutes on a fast server. We also have had by
> spamming experience with continuous integration (a mail every 3 minutes
> sent to the full dev list - 200 peeps - 2 days long ...), so we are not
> really keen to play this game again, unless someone who *knows* how to
> correctly setup such an environment handle it (ie, not me, obviously :)

I think there are already running some continuum instances within apache. Maybe the infrastructure team has more
knowledge about such running instances and if the directory project can hang on onto an already existing instance.
Thanks. I already did but haven't noticed the alphabetic ordering and added me at the bottom. So this is fixed now.
> Fell free to add a picture (small one :), your web site, blog, to this
> page !

I only have my companys website if this would also be ok?

> Thanks !