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From "Alex Karasulu" <>
Subject [ApacheDS] [Roadmap] Getting going again on Phase II of the Big Bang
Date Tue, 27 Nov 2007 04:32:57 GMT

Please excuse my recent inactivity on this effort as well as my lapse
in responses to others on this ML.  I've found it hard to respond
these days to emails dealing with anything other than superficial
issues.  Regardless, after a conversation today with Emmanuel, we
tried to get out of this rutt by reviewing the items on the roadmap
and pushing forward again.

I started working on a tactical agenda here with Emmanuel:

This week I'm going to try to catch up on email, some doco, and setup
for the goals to be reached in December here.

These are all related to Phass II of the "Big Bang" initiative which
encompasses several items on the roadmap.  If you would like to
contribute please see if there's something you're interested in on the
roadmap or at any point in whatever agenda we can prepare.

Emmanuel and I agreed to keep the aims of this week simple at least
for us.  We intend to:

(1) get the build server back online with continuous integration
(2) get the snap shotting capability working for integration tests to
speed up the incremental build cycle
(3) replace the trunk w/ the big bang branch before starting phase two next week

Personally I have some other related tasks to take care of:

(4) there are several of you that I need to respond to for various reasons.
(5) get road map documentation in order (we completed some things in
Phase I that need to be updated in the roadmap)
(6) continue building out new testing environment (lots of machines &
environment administration/bulding has kept me busy)


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