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From "Alex Karasulu" <>
Subject [ApacheDS] Effects of excessive schema checking on filter assertion values
Date Thu, 15 Nov 2007 20:03:58 GMT

ApacheDS will normalize filter values before it attempts a search.
When it does this some filter values will not normalize if incorrect
resulting in an exception.  For example the member attribute which
should be a distinguishedName may not be properly formulated due to a
bad search request.  ApacheDS will return an error instead of
attempting the search because an exception results when trying to
parse and normalize the DN in the NormalizationInterceptor.  BTW a
completely unrelated error message is returned resultCode: loopDetect

We have to step back and ask ourselves if this is the right behavior
we want.  Most LDAP servers will still attempt the search even with
bad values in the filter assertions in which case the search returns
with a SUCCESS resultcode yet no entries are returned.

Do we want to enable users to toggle this strict requirement in the
NormalizationInterceptor with some configuration parameter?

Do we want, in addition, to change the default to simply ignore bad
assertion values and continue to attempt a search with those bad
values?  If we're thinking about allowing users to disable schema
checking at various levels then I think we need to allow for relaxing
filter normalization.


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