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From "Alex Karasulu" <>
Subject [shared-ldap] Changes and questions on LdifUtils
Date Sun, 11 Nov 2007 05:06:12 GMT
Hi Emmanuel,

I started working on the ChangeLog service. As I started to work on it
I began to use the
LdifUtils.reverseXXX methods that you were kind enough to write for
me.  I had a few issues
and made some changes to it but I want to make sure these were OK with
you.  I also have
a few questions about a couple things ...

First here are a set of my changes to the LdifUtils file and it's test case:

Could you look at it while answering some questions for me?

(1) I saw you used AddRequest, DelRequest, ModifyRequest, and
ModifyDnRequest beans
     to encapsulate the parameters in a single argument to these
methods.  I felt that this
     would couple the request objects with the operation so I broke
down this single parameter
     into several parameters.  This way I did not have to build these
objects just to get the
     reverse LDIF. Is this OK?

(2) Do we need to make the Entry take multiple Controls for operations
instead of just one?

(3) Do we need to make the Entry take an LdapDN and not a String?  I'm
thinking this may
     be more efficient since on the server we'll try to parse and
renormalize this stuff when
     attempting to revert to a snapshot.  WDYT?

(4) In LdifUtils.reverseModifyDN() the original code seemed to hard
code setting the deleteOldRdn
     property on the LDIF entry it was generating rather than using
the value from the
     ModifyDnRequest argument.  Was wondering if this was in fact a
bug? I presumed it might be
     and while breaking up ModifyDnRequest into pieces I added the
deleteOldRdn boolean
     parameter.  I use this parameter now instead of calling
entry.setDeleteOldRdn( true ) always.

     Note that after I did this I noticed some test cases started to
fail.  I fixed it but I don't know I
     trust how I did it.  Could you review these changes to
reverseModifyDN for me?  I don't trust


P.S. I might have the ChangeLog working by tonight - at least to test
reverting which only
uses add and delete operations.

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