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From Stefan Seelmann <>
Subject Re: [Studio Connection] Adding Server version/name into the configuration, add configuration menu into the connection menu
Date Wed, 28 Nov 2007 21:10:42 GMT
Hi Emmanuel,

it is easy to add an additional page to the connection wizard and
connection property page and to save that parameters on the connection
element. We have an Extension Point for that. I will try to document the
extension point next weekend, if I don't do so, please remember me ;-)

I think some kind of auto-detection of the server type and version would
be cool.

Another cool thing would be to edit a remote file, e.g. using scp/sftp.


Emmanuel Lecharny schrieb:
> Hi guys,
> while trying to understand one of our user problem (he can't read a
> configuration file), I tried to use the studio to reproduce the bug.
> Atm, with the current version, to open a server.xml ADS file, you have
> to do an 'open file'. It works. But I don't find this to be the best
> solution. I would suggest that we keep this option, of course, but I
> think it would be very interesting to associate the function to the
> Connection element :
> - when you create a connection to a server, you ask for the associated
> file (this is an option, of course !)
> - the user can also gives the server name and version he is using
> So the next time the user want to open the configuration associated with
> a connection, he just have to right click on the connection, and select
> the menu 'open configuration'
> This will help a lot :
> - now, you don't have to browse many file system if you are managing
> more than one server
> - as each connection 'knows' which server/version its is managing, you
> can directly open the right configuration plugin
> - you don't have to open the connection, it can work offline
> - and if the server's configuration is stored into the DIT (like for
> OpenLDAP), you will be able to read it online too.
> - last, not least, if the user don't configure the server's name and
> version, it can be discovered on the first connection, as those
> informations are stored into the server.
> wdyt ?

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