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From Felix Knecht <>
Subject Re: [Commits etiquette]
Date Tue, 27 Nov 2007 05:35:18 GMT
> <TIP>
> A single revision can be used to commit changes across sub projects
> like shared and apacheds projects (or any other combinations with
> studio).  Just use the svn commit command with the paths of all the
> subprojects like so:
>     svn commit /workingdirs/apacheds /some/path/shared/ldap
> /yet/another/path/studio
> </TIP>
>> When they are of most interest within the commit mails +1.
>> When they are of most interest later on when regarding at a svn history I'm not sure
if it's really an easy way to go. I
>> don't know svn that deep but I'd estimate that after merging your branch to the trunk
back again you won't have the
>> additional logs anymore (the ones you've created the branch for). So when wanting
to see those extra log information you
>> need to checkout exactly this branch. As already said I'm not sure if this is the
case, but if so -1.
> <TIP>
> You can still query the logs of a branch even if the branch is not
> checked out of even if it no longer exists.  You can use svn log with
> the old position (URL) of the branch:

Thanks for tips :-). I missed svn log up to now.I think it can be helping though add the branch
url in the log when
merging the branch back (like the JIRA reference in the logs).

Thinking about CI. What about those reports maven can generate for us and which can be deployed
either during nightly
build or for release build like

It's just an idea.


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