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From Emmanuel Lecharny <>
Subject Re: [DNS] Trunk or branch for DNS work?
Date Mon, 12 Nov 2007 15:10:37 GMT

Stefano Bagnara wrote:
> Alex Karasulu ha scritto:
>> Also note that the issues with the time taken to run integration tests
>> is temporary.  This will go away.  So any *integration* tests you add,
>> you should add them specifically to work in the proper environment,
>> that is inside ApacheDS with the LDAP store.  Anything else is not
>> something we intend to keep in the main line of development.
> Hi Alex, I'm just a directory user but I have a question: can you
> explain who are you representing (who is included in your "we")?
we <=> the PMC
> IMHO (I'm not a directory developer, but an ASF committer) Enrique idea
> to test the code against dnsjava makes a lot of sense.
Yes. But these tests should be kept into some dns-unit project (which 
does not currently exists). The base idea is to be able to run those 
tests without modifying the core server (which protocol-dns is part of). 
Having some comparison between what the server is doing and what dnsjava 
provides is an excellent idea. We have done that with the ASN.1 codec at 
the beginning. But dnsjava should not be used _inside_ protocol_dns.
> dnsjava is used
> by a lot of researchers to run tests because it is widely adopted and
> often takes into considerations special cases that are not well
> described in RFC but are de-facto known issues of the DNS world.
There is nothing bad about dnsjava. It's just that we need it to be used 
in some kind of specific place where it does not impact the core server. 
A protocol-dns-unit project would be the perfect place to do that.
>> If you have convenience interfaces for alternative backing stores
>> that's fine but we're not going to reorganize things to accommodate
>> that.  Our aim is to progress ApacheDS and not act as an incubator for
>> plugins that want to become top level projects.
> Enrique explained that he doesn't intend to create a standalone project,
> but the sentence above is conflicting with the fact that MINA has been
> incubated by the directory project and IMHO in a succesfully way.
May be because Trustin and Alex made it possible :) But it was not 
intended from the beginning. It was just a consequence of the increasing 
usage of MINA by some other peeps than just Directory. Also keep in mind 
that MINA, even if started as a sub-project of Directory, is really 
totally disconnected from Directory. We already have discussed a lot 
about DNS project to be a sub-project of MINA instead of Directory, this 
is not a problem at all. What Alex said is that we just want to be sure 
that we will not create a divergence in the core Directory.

Hopes it help to understand Alex's mail.
> My 2 cents,
> Stefano

cordialement, regards,
Emmanuel L├ęcharny

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