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From Emmanuel Lecharny <>
Subject Some heads up about ADS current activity
Date Sat, 10 Nov 2007 00:30:57 GMT
Hi fellows,

I wonted to give you some heads up about what's going on about ADS those 
last weeks, as the activity seemed to be a little bit low.

We have decided to work on a 'big-bang' branch one month ago, which has 
some impact on some of our committers :
- as the configuration has been changed a lot, I can understand that 
those who are more specifically dedicated to write the documentation, 
tests and performance waited for a stable version to be out before 
spending energy on an unstable version.
- many of us started on new jobs by september or october (Christine, 
Chris, Ersin)
- a big effort and time have been spent by Alex and Chris who are 
building a huge testing platform for the project
- some personal issues slowed down my own productivity those last months 
(and sadly, it won't be better in the next few months)

But nothing is wrong about that. We have welcomed a new committer last 
week (Felix), and the Studio is still under heavy developement.  Our 
roadmap is still valid, and we are still working to improve the 
integration tests speed (I hope we can have it completed soon). Kerberos 
server is under a deep review too, and tripleSec is being revival for true.

I would say we are just recovering some strength after a very intense 
august and september, so let's wait a little bit more and we will see 
some big changes !

A second big-bang will occur soon, after the first one has been injected 
into the trunk (may be this week-end. It will be about a complete 
rewrite of the way we handle Attributes. It will solve a lot of issues, 
and will clean up a lot the current code.

Keep up the good work, guys ! We are a great team, and this is a great 
project !


cordialement, regards,
Emmanuel L├ęcharny

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