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From Stefan Zoerner <>
Subject Re: [ApacheDS] Stored Procedures: One language id per StoredProcEngineConfig and StoredProcEngine, Stateful vs. Stateless
Date Tue, 06 Nov 2007 10:17:03 GMT
Hi Chris and Ersin!

Chris Custine wrote:
> I vaguely remember running into these issues a while back as well.  I 
> think the problem is differentiating which scripting language the script 
> is written in so that the BSF Scripting Manager can retrieve the correct 
> script engine internally (by extension, name, or mime type).  Is that 
> the same issue you are having Stefan?

I thought I have. But due to the sample implementation for Java 6 
Scripting, Ersin provided in his sandbox, I learned an alternative. 
Thank you Ersin for the link!

Ersin stores the concrete scripting language in the attributes of the SP 
entry. So the engine has a chance to determine the correct scripting 
language, because it knows this attribute (provided via setSPUnitEntry).

In this case, storedProcLangId has a generic value "JavaxScript". This 
would solve my problem of how to determine the right language, but I 
think the name storedProcLangId is somehow misleading then. Basically, 
you store both the engine and the language within the entry. I would 
prefer to store only the language, and leave the selection of the engine 
up to the StoredProcExecutionManager.

I think I will try to complete my BSF implementation with the solution 
Ersin provided first, in order to have more knowledge to discuss.

Thanks for your insights,

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