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From Felix Knecht <>
Subject Re: Maven plugins for Apache Directory
Date Mon, 05 Nov 2007 21:13:37 GMT
>> I think about
>> - A subproject 'shared' exists to have shared stuff in one place -
>> even if not everything is used in each project (I
>> didn't checked this). A projects maven-plugin is a kind of the same,
>> isn't it?
> It may be tightly dependent to the project it used for, no? For
> instance, we use a maven plugin to generate java classes from schema
> files : it has some dependencies on other project, like Shared, as we
> use some data structure from this project. I don't know if it's a good
> idea to do that, but this is what we do :)

Why not? If you get a usable result within a reasonable time I'd called it a good result.
(Otherwise you can have a look at the 'hacks' I'm doing within the studio poms by using the
Anyway - if you could imagine that those java classes generated from schema files can be of
use somewhere else, (e.g.
for any custom additions to the ADS - you know the project better than I) it could be worth
to think about making a
bundle of all directory maven plugins.

>> - After a short search I haven't found any documentation about the
>> existing maven-plugins. Having them in an own
>> subproject will give a chance to do the documentation in one place.
> docuwhat ? Not in my english->french dictionnary ;) 

Hehe, is my friend but hélas there's not English<->French translation

Yeah, you are right,
> there are no documentation, of if there is some, it's spreading in some
> ollllld wiki page.
>> <Snip/>
>> And finally I'm also asking - maybe sometimes stupid - questions to
>> get some more knowledge about and to understand
>> better why things are done in this or that way in the past.
>> So please stop me the questions are just too stupid, already discussed
>> and a decision has been made or I open old sores.
> Felix, we sometime have people asking stupid questions. We always give
> them a chance. Be sure that your questions are not stupid at all. We
> have had hard time with Maven (considering that we started with Maven
> 1...),

I can follow absolutely ... ;)

 and now, our common agreement is : 'the less we touch the build,
> the better', simply because we do'nt have enough time to dedicate to
> this build tool. Maybe I'm speaking for myself, but at least, this is
> what I feel.
> I'm _very_ glad when someone like you jump inti the train, and question
> what we have done, because if we don't have the answers, that means we
> have done something wrong, or at least, we don't have enough knowledge
> to answer correctly.

Well I wouldn't call me a maven expert but I used it in different projects and did some migrations
from ant to maven1 to
maven2 - and probably now also from ant/ivy to maven2.

> This is why it's good that you reopen those old wounds, because you may
> cure them ;)

I'll do my best :)


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