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From Emmanuel Lecharny <>
Subject Re: Maven plugins for Apache Directory
Date Mon, 05 Nov 2007 20:45:47 GMT
Felix Knecht wrote:
> Alex Karasulu schrieb:
>> On 11/5/07, *Felix Knecht* < <>>
>>     For the maven build of the Studio I also created some functionality
>>     in a maven plugin.
>>     So we do have now within 3 subprojects of Apache Directory maven
>>     plugin functionality:
>>     apacheds:
>>     - apacheds-bootstrap-plugin
>>     - apacheds-core-plugin
>>     daemon:
>>     - daemon-plugin
>>     studio:
>>     - maven-studio-plugin (or whatever it'll be named)
>>     I just wonder if it would make sense to centralize the maven plugin
>>     functionality for the Apache Directory project in a
>>     new subproject e.g. directory-maven-plugin containing all maven
>>     plugin related functionality?
>> The idea did occur to me a couple times.  Sometimes I was just about to
>> do that when it
>> just seemed to fan out dependencies across subprojects.  Meaning right
>> now we have a
>> good breakdown where shared is independent.  apacheds depends on shared
>> and studio
>> depends on shared.  This new subprject would then have dependencies all
>> over.  May not
>> be a bad thing if it gives us other benefits.
>> In terms of benefits it may allow us to release the plugins
>> independently but because the
>> plugins depend on other projects this may be a false benefit in reality.
> I think about
> - A subproject 'shared' exists to have shared stuff in one place - even if not everything
is used in each project (I
> didn't checked this). A projects maven-plugin is a kind of the same, isn't it?
It may be tightly dependent to the project it used for, no? For 
instance, we use a maven plugin to generate java classes from schema 
files : it has some dependencies on other project, like Shared, as we 
use some data structure from this project. I don't know if it's a good 
idea to do that, but this is what we do :)
> - After a short search I haven't found any documentation about the existing maven-plugins.
Having them in an own
> subproject will give a chance to do the documentation in one place.
docuwhat ? Not in my english->french dictionnary ;) Yeah, you are right, 
there are no documentation, of if there is some, it's spreading in some 
ollllld wiki page.
> <Snip/>
> And finally I'm also asking - maybe sometimes stupid - questions to get some more knowledge
about and to understand
> better why things are done in this or that way in the past.
> So please stop me the questions are just too stupid, already discussed and a decision
has been made or I open old sores.
Felix, we sometime have people asking stupid questions. We always give 
them a chance. Be sure that your questions are not stupid at all. We 
have had hard time with Maven (considering that we started with Maven 
1...), and now, our common agreement is : 'the less we touch the build, 
the better', simply because we do'nt have enough time to dedicate to 
this build tool. Maybe I'm speaking for myself, but at least, this is 
what I feel.
I'm _very_ glad when someone like you jump inti the train, and question 
what we have done, because if we don't have the answers, that means we 
have done something wrong, or at least, we don't have enough knowledge 
to answer correctly.
This is why it's good that you reopen those old wounds, because you may 
cure them ;)

btw, Alex was almost alone in the dark fighting with Maven, as I 
cowardly let him embrace the Devil while having fun with ASN.1 ;) 
Hopefully, Brett and some other Maven peeps were deaf to our sore 
complains and accepted to help us, while we were throwing rocks to them 
... They have done an incredible job bringing Maven from the Dark Ages 
of Maven 1 to the Revolutionary Age of Maven2. Three more years, and we 
will be in the Sustainable Developement Age with Maven 3 may be ;)


cordialement, regards,
Emmanuel L├ęcharny

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