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From Felix Knecht <>
Subject Re: Buildsystem studio
Date Mon, 05 Nov 2007 18:56:30 GMT
>     >
>     > c) Do any ideas about automated continuous integration exists,
>     e.g. continuum?
>     >
>     We tried continuum once upon a time, we also tried bamboo, and we
>     currently have some another continuous integration server running, 
> I think Chris setup TeamCity from JetBrains on his servers.  

Just back from the TeamCity page to questions:
1. maven 2.0.6 is bundled but you can also configure an external one 2.0.4 - 2.0.6. We should
be sure that 2.0.7 works
also because 2.0.6 is quite buggy (probably it will work).
2. It's recommend to use MySQL instead of hsqldb as backend db. I'm not sure if ASF can run
into license problems when
using MySQL instead of hsqldb (which I also wouldn't recommend). This should be check in advance
even when we get
TeamCity as OSS project for free.
3. Do we have some (internal or external) synergies when using TeamCity instead of an ASF

Once Chris
> get's some free
> time we intend to move this setup over to a dedicated server with much
> more power and
> network bandwidth.  The resources have been acquired it's just a time thing.
> Felix if you want to be involved in building up this environment let me
> know and we can
> work together with Chris as well to set it up sooner rather than later.

If I can help I'll do.

>     but
>     we would like to speed up the tests a lot before fully activating the
>     continuous build again. FYI, building the server 'cost' 20 minutes on my
>     laptop, and around 10 minutes on a fast server. We also have had by
>     spamming experience with continuous integration (a mail every 3 minutes
>     sent to the full dev list - 200 peeps - 2 days long ...), so we are not
>     really keen to play this game again, unless someone who *knows* how to
>     correctly setup such an environment handle it (ie, not me, obviously :)
> Yes this was killing Chris' hardware and there were some other issues. 
> However
> we should not have the same issues with the new dedicated machine.  Once
> we have
> this changelog and the ability to revert the server for tests instead of
> stopping,
> destroying, reinstalling and restarting the server the tests will run on
> the order of
> 5-10X faster.  I personally use a ramdrive to speed things up but I only
> get a 2X
> improvement: this is a hack.
> Anyways I would like to setup the new build/CI server to do a few things:
>  o synchronize a partial read-only mirror repository off of
>  o use this read-only repository for checkouts and to trigger events via
> custom hooks
>     - takes load off of Apache repository
>     - much faster since checkouts are local
>     - simplifies managing custom hooks
>  o build unofficial daily snapshots and expose for testing and download
>  o perform standard CI sequence with repository changes
>  o integrate VSLDAP conformance tests with CI on dedicated VSLDAP server
>  o deploy builds to SLAMD environment for accumulating a panel of simple
> performance metrics
>     used to correlate changes to the server
> This is pretty ambitious and will take some time but we have the tools
> to do the job.  The pay
> off I think with automating all this is huge and so the time expense is
> well worth it.

Yep it sounds like a lot of work is waiting.


> Alex

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