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From Stefano Bagnara <>
Subject Re: [DNS] Trunk or branch for DNS work?
Date Mon, 12 Nov 2007 14:51:45 GMT
Alex Karasulu ha scritto:
> Also note that the issues with the time taken to run integration tests
> is temporary.  This will go away.  So any *integration* tests you add,
> you should add them specifically to work in the proper environment,
> that is inside ApacheDS with the LDAP store.  Anything else is not
> something we intend to keep in the main line of development.

Hi Alex, I'm just a directory user but I have a question: can you
explain who are you representing (who is included in your "we")?

IMHO (I'm not a directory developer, but an ASF committer) Enrique idea
to test the code against dnsjava makes a lot of sense. dnsjava is used
by a lot of researchers to run tests because it is widely adopted and
often takes into considerations special cases that are not well
described in RFC but are de-facto known issues of the DNS world.

> If you have convenience interfaces for alternative backing stores
> that's fine but we're not going to reorganize things to accommodate
> that.  Our aim is to progress ApacheDS and not act as an incubator for
> plugins that want to become top level projects.

Enrique explained that he doesn't intend to create a standalone project,
but the sentence above is conflicting with the fact that MINA has been
incubated by the directory project and IMHO in a succesfully way.

My 2 cents,

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