I'd like to see everything use the same build system eventually: but I know how
much of an odd ball this eclipse environment is to deal with when using maven

It's better for the project overall to stick to a single build system.

On 10/18/07, Felix Knecht <felixk@apache.org> wrote:

> Thanks for trying to find a way to build Studio with Maven. :)
> Do you think there could be any benefit we could gain from using Maven
> instead of the current build system ?
> I'm just wondering if it's worth changing of build system...

- Well, it looked somehow strange to me using different buildsystems
within a project (directory).


- From a POV as developer I don't like having different build systems
within a main project. You need to have knowledge of different build
systems developing 'at the bleeding edge'. From a community view you
don't need to have different 'build specialists' to fix/adapt/maintain
the build- / deployment- and release-process.

Couldn't have said it better myself.

- I think it's easier to maintain 1 build system all over the top
project because you're able to use knowledge and other synergies.

+1 and u can use the same techniques for continuous integration instead of
having two of everything to accommodate each project.

- It reduces the learning curve for developers having a kind of standard
within the main project. You also use coding standards to make life
easier and code better readable.


I'm not saying that maven is more preferable than ant/ivy but it just
looks strange to me having different build systems for subprojects
within a project (and less subprojects use ant/ivy than maven).

Yeah there are tradeoffs with all these tools.  Sometimes they are better at
some tasks than others but things also change over time.  So yes the build
system chosen is not the issue, being consistent is across projects.