Hi Emmanuel,

Most of the logic in the chain can be moved out into simple stupid methods removing much of
the complexity.  For now we might just flatten and use a method to do what each link was doing.
I have no idea why the chain pattern was used in the first place.  Do you know?  We might use
CoR in the core for intercepting calls but here I cannot see any reason for it.  It's a damn mess.

After you're done refactoring I might clean up a tiny bit more.  I think we need to take a pass
to just review the code perhaps looking for more cleanups we can make.  Then we can get on
with Phase II.  If you like we can do a peer review of the entire state of the server.  Perhaps
around the weekend or right after. WDYT?

I'll be hard to reach tomorrow but tonight I will review some of those new interfaces for Phase II.