On 10/9/07, Leo Li <liyilei1979@gmail.com> wrote:
Hi, all:
     I happend to find this thread. Is it a little outdate? :)

No not at all the topic can be discussed at any time :).  However rehashing the
same topic repeatedly is a real PITA when nothing else has changed.

     Harmony project is now implementing a JGSS provider which
contains a lot of work with kerberos. We intend to borrow kerberos
related code from apache Directory and it will be great if kerberos is
a seperate project.

How about getting involved with the parts that you're interested in first?  It sounds
to me like you want the client side functionality and I think we already have some of
that in a separate client project.  Just jump in and get involved with the community.

And I also acknowledge the concern to maintain a
sub project and I think we can give some help if we can and are
looking forward to its becoming true.

That's great! Having a separate subproject should not be the driver though.  However
if there is ample community around the code base then there's no reason not to consider
it again.  The point being supportability with a healthy group of people around that code
base.  Please feel free to just dig in and start contributing.