It will be removed in 1.5.x where x>1.  But another mechanism will appear that is much saner than
what we have presently.  Just consider all protocol requests reaching the backend through the
interceptor stack granting access to the principal.


On 10/9/07, Jan-Olof Herbertsson <> wrote:

Thanks for your answer

I am running ApacheDS 1.0 and have to check if we should stay on it.

From which version will this possibility disappear? Are there other possibilities?


Best Regards

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You should be able to access the LdapPrincipal associated with any Invocation into the core.
Access the invocation stack to lookup the caller which is a ServerLdapContext object.  From
this you can get a handle on the LdapPrincipal which contains the DN of the user.

Note this mechanism will disappear because of the whole static singleton thing.  However
for the time being you can use it.  I have no clue what version of ApacheDS you're on so it
might not matter if you're using 1.0 and are going to stay on it.


On 10/8/07, Jan-Olof Herbertsson < > wrote:



Is there some easy way to log what a LDAP userid performs in a custom application Partition.
Is the userid available in some way in the Partition object or must the Apache Frontend(Protocol part) code
be changed to send the userid to the backend.


Any suggestions?


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