Yeah I want to touch base with you and do this but my mental stack is on this
redesign and then I have work related matters to tend to.  I promise to sit down
and revisit this but I have to keep focused on the big bang when I have time.

The deal is getting this done fast enough so we can stabilize changes soon.  This
issue we're discussing is not a massive change and can be fixed in a 2.0-RC no?


On 10/9/07, Emmanuel Lecharny <> wrote:
I'm your man with this review, when you have 1 hour. At the same time,
I have to tell you that there is some room for improvement, for sure.
For instance, if a node is evaluated with a 0 count (because there is
no matching value), we can reorganize the filter, which is not
currently done, so I se this hour as a valuable expense of our time :)