On 10/6/07, Enrique Rodriguez <enriquer9@gmail.com> wrote:
IIRC, the base classes you mention cannot currently be reused for the
non-LDAP protocol providers.  The setUp() method in question does not
allow modification to the configuration prior to the startup of the
server.  Once the server is started up, there is no way to dynamically
reconfigure.  Thus the "cut & paste" code you see is simply the
minimum boilerplate for starting a server instance when custom config
is required.

Yes this makes sense.  You're right about it.  Hopefully we can get to a better situation
for all the protocols across the board.

It was just a pain having to refactor each one of these tests whereas the other tests fell
in line with a fix to the AbstractTestCase.

Perhaps as the tests are migrated to the FastXXXITest test we can
figure out to allow subclasses to make these changes in a clean

That would be really nice especially with your involvement.  As witnessed by this refactoring, tests
really save us.  Without them in place refactoring like this would have not been possible.  So let's
do it right for all the protocols with these new FastXXXITests once and for all.