Hi all,

I'm pooped out tonight but I thought I'd commit what I have in bigbang for now even though 3 tests still fail.  These
can be fixed easily but I'm going to be away tomorrow so I thought I'd let the list know.  This way if someone can
get to it if they want to but now others can continue instead of waiting for me.

Failing Tests:


This is big step on the way to fixing all the configuration issues.  It removes all the configuration objects from the core
minus one property editor thingy.  So all that's left are the config beans for the protocol providers.

The tight coupling with JNDI kept pulling me deep into the JNDI implementation but I stubbed it off in certain places. 
This present state is by no means final - consider it an intermediate condition which has some ugliness to it.

David if you like you can go at the configuration beans for the protocol services.  I'll be back on line tomorrow night.