There were a slew of copy and paste problems that I had to fix all the tests created recently:

  * Sasl tests
  * NTP test
  * Kerberos interceptor based tests

Furthermore they don't seem to follow the pattern of using the AbstractTestCase and AbstractServerTestCase
classes.  It would help a lot if you tried to use these instead of duplicating the setUp() code.   Eventually
switching to the FastXXXITest that Emmanuel setup should be the best.

I'm not going to go into the Sasl mechanism but there are copy and paste issues there as well.  Regardless
the BindHandler that was copied and pasted had several issues anyway.  I know it was not the best model
to follow.  We need to seriously rework the LdapProtocolProvider.  It's got major issues in general besides the
SASL chain based mechanism which should be removed IMO.