Stefan this is a great thing to try to do however you might what to wait before you delve
a bit deeper since many things may change especially where JNDI is concerned due to
the big bang.

Just a heads up so you don't waste cycles.


On 10/3/07, Stefan Zoerner <> wrote:
Hi all!

I have tried to start with a high level architecture overview of
ApacheDS with our new UML tool.

Currently it contains only a very simplistic System Context and a
partition into two sub systems. For the network sub system, I have
identified some components. For one of these components (the NTP
protocol provider), I have created a diagram which explains how the
artifacts (=jar files) manifest the components, and on which other
artifacts (third party and own artifacts) they depend on.

For those interested in Poseidon. I have attached the UML model itself
as well (file "ApacheDS Overview.zuml").

Questions to the architects:

Is the partition into two subsystem for the first level valid? I
discussed with Emmanuel about three as well (network, core, backend),
but at least in the Java sources, the partitions abstractions are part
of the core.

Do you think, the deployment diagrams with the artifact dependencies are
useful? I think they are, because the illustrate the information from
the pom.xml files in a very nice way ...

Greetings from Hamburg,