Is there RFC material on Contexts for LDAP? I thought contexts were an X.500 concept that never
made it to LDAP.  Essentially tags are a workaround to provide similar capabilities.  However is there
a contexts for LDAP RFC I missed?


On 10/2/07, Ersin Er <> wrote:
Hi all,

We have a feature listed in the 2.0 roadmap and is currently being implemented by Emmanuel. It's the "Value and ServerEntry" item. What I want to ask is that as we are encapsulating attribute values with a Value class now, is it possible to support Contexts during this effort? You know there are Language Tags in LDAP and we do not support them. I really do not like the idea of supporting only Language Tags instead of the more general one, Contexts. So if we'll support this feature it should be Contexts, not only Language Tags.

Any comments on the possibility of this addition?


Ersin Er