Hi all,

I was looking at the proposal for ServerAttribute stuff at the following page:


First of all, IMO we should not have anything from JNDI inside the core. So taking an Attribute as a parameter to ServerAttributeImpl constructor is not necessary IMO. However we should have utilities to perform conversion between the two.

And again following the same issue, there is a line in the mentioned constructor:

public  ServerAttributeImpl( Attribute attribute ) 
throws  NamingException
if ( attribute == null )
log.error( "Null attribute is not allowed" );
throw new NamingException( "Null attribute is not allowed" );
else if ( attribute instanceof ServerAttributeImpl )

Neither ServerAttributeImpl nor ServerAttribute implements the Attribute interface. So this constructor will never work. I guess it may be unintended error. Not a big problem of course.

But the point is, again, I think it's better not to have Attribute inside the server. As we'll decouple the JNDI layer, the conversion can be done inside that adaptor if necessary.


Ersin Er