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From "Emmanuel Lecharny" <>
Subject Re: Tests in server-unit: Test vs. ITest and FastXYZTest
Date Wed, 03 Oct 2007 22:18:00 GMT
> I will handle this special case (if I can). But my question is more
> general: What makes a Test an ITest? Is there any guideline? For instance:
> * If it takes longer than x seconds
> * If starting the server in an embedded way is necessary
> * If the network layer is used by the test
> * ...
> ?

Well, this is all about semantic :) Itests are supposed to be
integration test. I'm not sure there is a big difference between
'normal' tests and integration tests, except that when you do a mvn
install, only 'normal' tests are executed (which is cool, when you
consider that Integration tests last for 20 minutes !!!)

Otherwise, core-unit use an embedded server, and server-unit use a
remote server.

May be aex can bring some more info about integration tests ?

> Why do we still need the old tests in the slow fashion?

We don't if we are 100% sure that new tests cover the exact same tests
than the slow ones. If tis is this case, then we can ditch slow tests

 I thought
> migrating existing tests to your new base class (AbstractServerFastTest)
> is a very good idea, if we can guarantee that the behavior is
> equivalent.

That is the question :)

I have already done this for ModifyRdnTest and
> ModifyRemoveTest. Both were not tagged as ITest in their name before,
> although they probably should have been (see above)?. Now they are
> dramatically faster, due to JUnit 4 and your BeforeClass feature.

Oh yes ! Wehneach previous tests cost around 2 secondes per test, we
have a global cost of 2 seconds. For instance, Search tests cost 40
seconds with the previous method, and only 6 seconds now... fast !

> Maybe there are some tests in server-unit, which can't be converted to
> AbstractServerFastTest, because they need a totally different setup ...

yes. I think that a global migration is necessary, but it will take
around 2 weeks. However, if the gain is 16 minutes out of 20 each time
we run the integ tests, this will save us a lot of time and also will
allow us to run integ tests more often before committing ;)

Emmanuel L├ęcharny

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