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From "Alex Karasulu" <>
Subject Too much too intertwined (was Re: [Triplesec] [AuthZ] Comments on alex's proposed definitions)
Date Sat, 27 Oct 2007 23:09:28 GMT

I divided the topic into separate threads so we can discuss each part
in easy to read bite sized chunks.  This way most of us, mainly me, could
respond to
comments within a reasonable amount of time.  Divide and conquer!

These small chunks paraphrase concepts within NIST paper using simple yet
clear words
that many of us can relate to based on our experiences with authorization
without being

We can elevate the conversation to that level later however we will loose
some people in
the process.  The idea is to engage as many people as possible with simple
clear descriptions.
Because we don't need to define things as a specification does to have users
give us good ideas
based on their experiences.  We just need to use clear language.  That was
the point, not to
reinvent the NIST terminology, but to state them in the IT vernacular.

There will be time for pulling out the material in the NIST paper and
discussing it's points
verbatim but first we need to discuss and identify the problem in clear
language without using
complex vocabulary on ideas that are mixed together across an email taking 5

I don't think you considered why I initially used this format. Perhaps you
may consider
breaking down your thoughts into smaller pieces?  Maybe you can reply to my
posts instead of derailing those threads?


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