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From "Pierre-Arnaud Marcelot">
Subject Re: Buildsystem studio
Date Thu, 18 Oct 2007 10:53:12 GMT
Ok, I understand and I agree with all these points...

You're right, from a community POV, it would be better to have a unique
build system.

I just hope we can find a way to do in Maven what we are doing right now
with Ant+Ivy and keep the build as flexible and simple to use as it is.

Maybe we need to create specific Maven plugins for bundling our Eclipse
Plugins (compiling code with Eclipse dependencies, adding specific jar
dependencies in the bundle package), Features (just bundle the feature
project as a simple jar), Help Plugins (compiling eclipse and html dockbook
generated outputs) and the RCP Application (selecting the correct
architecture target and adding the needed plugins and features).


On 10/18/07, Felix Knecht <> wrote:
> > Thanks for trying to find a way to build Studio with Maven. :)
> > Do you think there could be any benefit we could gain from using Maven
> > instead of the current build system ?
> > I'm just wondering if it's worth changing of build system...
> - Well, it looked somehow strange to me using different buildsystems
> within a project (directory).
> - From a POV as developer I don't like having different build systems
> within a main project. You need to have knowledge of different build
> systems developing 'at the bleeding edge'. From a community view you
> don't need to have different 'build specialists' to fix/adapt/maintain
> the build- / deployment- and release-process.
> - I think it's easier to maintain 1 build system all over the top
> project because you're able to use knowledge and other synergies.
> - It reduces the learning curve for developers having a kind of standard
> within the main project. You also use coding standards to make life
> easier and code better readable.
> I'm not saying that maven is more preferable than ant/ivy but it just
> looks strange to me having different build systems for subprojects
> within a project (and less subprojects use ant/ivy than maven).
> Regards
> Felix

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