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From "Pierre-Arnaud Marcelot">
Subject Re: Buildsystem studio
Date Thu, 18 Oct 2007 08:12:13 GMT
Hi Felix,

I confirm Alex and Emmanuel answers about the dependencies question. I would
also add that, as we depend on some parts of the server (Apache DS),
basically shared-ldap, server-core, etc., we needed to use snapshot versions
of some of these jars (because bugs had ben fixed but no new version
released), so we're storing them inside our own repo.

> [2]

Thanks for these links.

[1] Describes the build of an EclipseRCP Application with maven using
> the pde-maven-plugin [2]. [1] is unfortunately written in German. Maybe
> this could give a hint. Reading [1] it's expected to have an Eclipse
> installation somewhere on the build system what makes me not really
> happy - but it seems to be possible.

I already took a look at the PDE Maven Plugin but the fact that it is using
eclipse to build the application forces us, as you noticed, to have an
eclipse installation somewhere (or maybe multiple - one for each OS - I did
not test it that much).
So I didn't like that much this idea.

For now I'm almost on 80% - I can build the updatesite including all the
> jars (haven't tested it yet). But as usual the last 20% (RCP) will
> probably beome 80% of work ;-)

If you can build each separate plugin (excluding the RCP app), then you can
build the update site.
It's just matter of packaging, putting plugins jars in the 'plugins' folder
and features jars in the 'features' folder.

Thanks for trying to find a way to build Studio with Maven. :)
Do you think there could be any benefit we could gain from using Maven
instead of the current build system ?
I'm just wondering if it's worth changing of build system...


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